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How did we source the perfect adult use taffy?


We make it at candy manufacture who has been around for 30 years and then to a DEA Certified lab for quality testing. Once we have a clean, tested, and quality full-spectrum distillate, we then craft our 5mg CBD/ 5mg Delta 9 THC taffy in small batches with an artisan’s attention to detail. Our wholesome taffy taste and feel amazing.


We formulate our products, ensuring that each one has a great mix of cannabinoids and well under the required 0.3% Total THC by dry weight limit.


How Much Delta 9 THC Derived From Hemp?

1:1 Ratio

CBD to Delta 9 THC derived from hemp. Under 0.3% Total THC by dry weight limit.


How to take?

Beginner: | Half Taffy | 5mg Delta 9 Derived From hemp | 5MG CBD |

Advanced: | Full Taffy| 5mg Delta 9 Derived From Hemp | 5MG CBD |


Directions when taking. Most people start with half and then work up.


This product contains up to .3% total THC. You may fail a drug test if you take this product. This product may make you feel dizzy.


Not recommended for children. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking any full spectrum hemp products.

5MG Delta 9 | 5MG CBD | Strawberry Taffy | 10pk

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