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Indulge in the sweet symphony of CannaGourmet's Fast-Acting 10mg Split Gummies, now in a delightful Strawberry Shortcake flavor. Each elegantly crafted package delivers a total of 50mg, conveniently split into 5mg servings, providing a perfect blend for both beginners and seasoned users who desire a controlled and delectable experience.


Versatile Split Design for Tailored Dosage: Our gummies are innovatively designed with a split feature, offering flexibility in dosage. Opt for a full 10mg gummy for a robust experience or a mild 5mg serving for a gentler effect. This design caters to your unique preferences and situations, making every experience personalized and satisfying.


Luscious Strawberry Shortcake Flavor: Savor the authentic taste of Strawberry Shortcake in each gummy. Infused with natural flavorings, these gummies replicate the classic dessert's sweet and fruity notes, setting them apart in the world of edible delights.


Rapid Effect for Enhanced Experience: Engineered for fast absorption, these gummies provide a quicker onset of effects compared to traditional edibles. Ideal for those seeking immediate relaxation or swift therapeutic benefits, CannaGourmet's gummies are a dependable choice for prompt and effective results.


Premium Ingredients for Optimal Purity: Committed to your health, CannaGourmet utilizes only the finest natural ingredients in our gummies, ensuring a product of the highest purity and potency. Free from harmful additives and artificial preservatives, our gummies align with our pledge to offer safe and superior products.


Stringently Lab-Tested for Safety and Consistency: Each batch of our Strawberry Shortcake flavored gummies undergoes rigorous lab testing, ensuring consistent potency and purity for your peace of mind.


Elevate your wellness journey with CannaGourmet's Fast-Acting 10mg Split Gummies in Strawberry Shortcake flavor. Enjoy a harmonious blend of exquisite taste, convenience, and efficiency. Experience the difference today!

CannaGourmet - Strawberry Short Cake | 10MG THC Splits | 5mg Serving | 50MG Pkg

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