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THC Beverage Menu

Our beverages are currently in-store only. This page serves as a menu for what you can find when you visit us in Chaska!

Don't see your favorite? Send us a request and we can look into potentially stocking it!

Vibes Sparkling Seltzer
Nothing But Hemp exclusive

  • 10mg Black Cherry (indica)

  • 10mg Watermelon Kiwi (indica)

  • 10mg Fruit Punch (sativa, some sugar)

  • 5mg Grapefruit (indica)

  • 5mg Mango (hybrid)

  • 5mg Pineapple (sativa)

Minx Cannatails
Nothing But Hemp exclusive

  • 10mg Mimosa

  • 10mg Pornstar Martini

Sun Dogs

  • 10mg Purple Lemonade

  • 10mg Sweet Tea

  • 5mg Strawberry Limonada

CannaChill Seltzers
Nothing But Hemp exclusive

  • 10mg Fuji Apple (sativa)

  • 10mg Strawberry (indica)

  • 5mg Blueberry (indica)

  • 5mg Citrus (hybrid)

  • 5mg Lemon (sativa)

  • 5mg Passion Fruit (sativa)

Surly Brewing Co.

  • 10mg Double Take - Tea & Lemonade

  • 10mg Double Take - Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava

  • 5mg Wild Berry

  • 5mg Lemon Line

Forbidden Fruit
Nothing But Hemp exclusive

  • 10mg Sparkling Lemonade


  • 4mg Crisp Ginger

  • 4mg Tart Lime

  • 4mg Juicy Grapefruit

Flavor Pixels Seltzers
From Insight Brewing Co.

  • Orange Dreamsicle - 10mg THC, 10mg CBD, 20mg CBG

  • 10mg Blackberry Lemon

  • 10mg Cherry Lime

  • 10mg Peach Mango

  • 5mg Variety 12-pack - 3 each of Blackberry, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple and Tangerine

Happy Camper
Nothing But Hemp exclusive

  • 10mg S'Mores Soda

From Bauhaus Brewing

  • Raspberry Ginger - 5mg THC, 15mg CBD

  • Lemon Lime - 5mg THC, 15mg CBD

  • Yuzu Mint - 5mg THC, 15mg CBD

  • Hop Water - 5mg THC, 15mg CBD

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